Decentralized LBS social video platform

LiveGram platform is a decentralized social media platform built on CybEye Mutual’s own EOS-based 3.0 blockchain network, LiveGram Chain.



Platform Highlights

Base Blockchain

Content-Based Reward Mechanism

Bad Content
Report Mechanism

User Privacy
Protection and Encryption

Engagement-Based Advertising System

Mobile App
Platform Support

Complete P2P Decentralization

LiveGram Platform offers 3 types of tokens to Its users:

System Tokens

Chain’s native System Token is a fungible token that can be used to purchase Region Tokens and post short videos on the LiveGram platform.
Users can also earn System Token rewards via actions such as registering, inviting new users and posting short videos.

Region Tokens

Platform’s Region Tokens are unique and each represents a geographic area. Region Tokens have different generations (Gen-0 are cities, Gen-1 are towns, etc.).
Region Tokens of all generations can be used as a video posting base, whereas the amount of System Tokens required to pay is variable.

Video Tokens

Each of platform’s Video Token is created with a Region Token as its base. These Video Tokens record information and statistics including video content, targeted region and number of likes. All data is stored and verified by the blockchain, ensuring data authenticity and irreversibility.

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